PTX Award Honors Employees



The success of Premier Marine is not simply found within the aluminum, fabric, and features that comprise our world-class luxury pontoons. Instead, it is within our people; from those who design and manufacture our boats to the front office staff and everyone in between. Its people who embody our core values and put them into action daily.


The moment Chris Carlson acquired Premier Marine, he knew he couldn’t make the business a success without the people: from those who manufacture the product, to front office staff and everyone in between. He wanted to surround himself with people who embody Premier Marine’s Core Values:  

Integrity – Doing the right thing every time

Excellence – Relentless pursuit of improvement

Attitude – Contagious optimism that fuels a powerful can-do culture 

Collaboration – Leveraging teamwork to achieve world-class results


It’s having the integrity to do the right thing every time, even when nobody is watching. It’s the relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. It’s an attitude of contagious optimism that fuels a powerful can-do culture. And it’s a collaboration of leveraging teamwork to achieve world-class results.

The PTX Award was established under Premier’s new leadership and recognizes employees who exemplify these values. Candidates are nominated by their peers and then reviewed, and hand selected by a leadership team. In addition to company-wide recognition and receiving a plaque, selected employees and those who nominated them also receive a monetary prize. Recipients of the PTX Award to date include:


Cedrik Peterson

Cedrik Peterson earned the honor of being the final PTX Award recipient for 2022. Cedrik has been described as the quiet warrior at Premier by letting his actions on the job speak for him. Immediately following the move to the new Big Lake manufacturing facility, Cedrik excelled in getting the console department up and running at full operational levels.


Erin Streit

Erin is a deserving PTX winner for many reasons. A recent example was our Dealer Meeting. Her attention to detail and follow through were awesome. She not only predicted the problem and challenge, but also had a plan for you to overcome it. Her leadership helped bring different teams together with strong accountability and good attitudes.


Clay Hanson

Clay leads with integrity. He strives for excellence and works hard to do so with a positive attitude while collaborating with other departments throughout the company. When you take into consideration the values of this company, Clay’s name comes to mind quickly. He moves with purpose, is humble, and acknowledges when he makes mistakes. Premier is fortunate to have Clay as an operations leader, and his future growth within the company could foster more opportunities for him moving forward.


Anne Johnson

With the company in rapid growth mode, Anne exemplifies a team player who has championed several major projects with grace. She works well with her teammates and pushes hard for excellence. Anne’s mindset is focused on the betterment of Premier not only for today, but for years to come. We are lucky to have her on the team. 


Rick Betsinger

Rick has changed the culture of his department. His leadership is on display through his actions and his positive, can-do attitude. Rick operates with integrity and is a person of character who perfectly reflects our core values. Rick came into a challenging situation and now his department has never operated with more success or efficiency. He not only works well with others, but also entrusts them with decisions and core responsibilities, which is a true testament to his leadership. 



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