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The following trademarks are the intellectual property of Premier Marine, LLC: Premier®, Premier: Go Beyond™, PTX™, Sunspree™, Sunsation™, Solaris™, Intrigue™, SuperSport™, Escalante™, SaltEx™. Premier Marine, LLC asserts common law trademark rights on all other trademarks indicated with a ™. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Premier Marine holds several industry-leading patents: Adjustable Height PTX™ Transom, Ricochet™ Self-Retracting ladder, Dura Rail System, Mirage Changing Room, and Escalante Step Galley. Patents pending: PTX™ In Floor Cooler.

Premier Marine promotes safe boating and recommends that a suitable boat operator be a licensed driver as well as the following:

  1. Do not operate your pontoon under the influence of drugs or alcohol and always wear life jackets.
  2. Do not operate unless all occupants are in designated NMMA seating positions.
  3. Do not start the engines unless the driver’s seat is locked in the forward-facing position.
  4. For maximum enjoyment and safety, read the owner’s manual and labels, and follow all safety checklists prior to the operation of your pontoon and motor.
  5. Be certain the driver has the emergency kill switch lanyard attached at all times during operation.

All specifications and options were accurate at time of printing and are subject to change without notice. Premier Marine shall not be held responsible for typographical errors.

Boats may be shown with optional equipment. Consult your dealer to ensure availability of options and equipment that may no longer be available.

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