Pete Spoelstra – Premier’s National Military Appreciation Month Employee

Meet Pete Spoelstra – Farm Boy, Father, Veteran, Production Manager, And Premier’s National Military Appreciation Month Employee

Big Lake, Minn. May 14, 2024 – As a farm kid growing up on the rolling croplands of southwestern Minnesota, lake life wasn’t something Premier Production Manager Pete Spoelstra had instilled at a young age. Instead it was tractors, combines, and watching his father work as a certified Massey Ferguson mechanic. By the time he was 16, Pete was often working alongside his father in the shop, learning, listening, and soaking in the mechanical workings at every turn. After graduation, Pete’s fascination with airplanes and an exemplary score on his military ASVAB test set him on a path that would become a 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force. It was this military experience that attracted Pete to Premier – a combination of a world-class manufacturing facility, an industry leader in innovation, and perhaps most importantly, core values that echoed those of his own. A natural leader who brings energy and likable spirit to every situation, Premier would like to thank Pete for his 20-years of service and the valuable leadership and mentorship he brings to our organization. Let’s meet Pete.

Tell us a little about your military career.

I worked on or around F-16 airplanes for nearly my entire 20 year Air Force career. Ten of those were spent overseas including two deployments. I was also fortunate enough to have two incentive flights in the back seat of an F-16 where I learned that I was meant to stay on the ground. One of the highlights of my military career was being selected to the “Thunderbirds” air demonstration team as the Production Superintendent for two show seasons.

How has your military career shaped who you are today?

I’ve worked with people from all over the world and experienced many different cultures. That exposure has helped me gain a greater appreciation for diverse teams and the benefits that people with a different world view, a different perspective, or different ideas than my own can bring to a team, an organization, or company.

 How has your military career prepared you for your position at Premier?

Manufacturing can certainly be fast paced and high stress. However, having been tested in austere conditions and preparing a team for combat missions, I feel I’m better prepared to maintain perspective, stay calm, and continue to make level-headed decisions.

 What do you like most about working at Premier?

I love the speed with which we can make changes. There is no “corporate Premier watchdog” that we need approval from. Here, all ideas are welcome…and we aren’t afraid to take risks. More importantly, work ethic is appreciated and rewarded.

 Do you have any advice or insights you’d like to share with the Premier community?

Specifically for my aircraft maintenance friends in the military, look into manufacturing when you’re ready to hang up the uniform. Your skills are more translatable than you realize and you don’t need to focus so narrowly on the defense industry. For everyone else, find a place that appreciates you and the skills you bring.

Pete has been Premier Production Manager for nearly two years, and he quickly developed a love for the lake life along with his wife of 14 years (Michaela) and their two daughters. On behalf of the entire extended Premier family, thank you Pete for your military service, and for your dedication and leadership at Premier Marine.


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