Sunspree Family

There are many ways to enjoy your time on the water. The Sunspree models offers the flexibility you need to enjoy them all.

Sunsation Family

Introduce your family to our family.

For families setting out to create memories, the Sunsation has room for everyone to relax and connect.

Solaris Family

The Solaris is made to create a lifetime of memories for your whole family. Combining luxury and technology; this model is equipped with all the extras.

Intrigue Family

From bow to stern, this model is built with a high standard of excellence. Equipped with convenient, functional amenities and refine, supple fabrics the Intrigue is a sophisticated watercraft designed to turn heads.


With the quality of attention to detail that you only find on a Premier, the Escalante delivers an unmatched experience that is a step above the rest. The Escalante features a 10'wide floor plan, hard-sided changing room, and pub-style booth. The centerpiece of the Escalante is its walk-up Step Galley staircase. With a unique design, the stairs rise through the upper deck floor and lead to a waterslide.