2014 - Premier Brochure - page 52

26612 Fallbrook Avenue
Wyoming, MN 55092
TOLL FREE 1-800-815-6392
PHONE 651-462-2880
The following trademarks are the intellectual property of
Premier Marine, Inc.: Premier®, Premier: Where Innovation
Meets the Water™, PTX™, Wide Dek™, Upper Dek™.
Premier Marine, Inc. asserts common law trademark
rights on all other trademarks indicated with a ™. Other
trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Premier Marine, Inc. promotes safe boating and
recommends that a suitable boat operator be a licensed
driver. Do not operate your pontoon under the influence
of drugs or alcohol. Always wear life jackets. For maximum
enjoyment and safety, read the owner’s manual and labels
and follow all safety checklists prior to the operation of your
pontoon and motor.
All specifications and options are subject to change without
notice. © 2013-2014 Premier Marine, Inc.
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