Mercury Power



Verado’s Supercharged Power (200~300hp)

A Mercury exclusive, this supercharger delivers all the torque needed to push a heavy load, pull the kids on the tube or skis and enjoy the ride at every cruising speed.  It automatically minimizes power loss for changes in temperature, humidity and altitude.

Total Driving Experience

Mercury’s exclusive Power Steering System delivers automotive-like ease of steering, precise responsive boat control and handling with no undesirable steering torque.  SmartCraft® DTS System offers effortless, smooth shifting and throttle control operation.

Built-in Efficiencies

Mercury’s Multi-Port Fuel Injection provides turn-key reliability along with compelling fuel economy. The Long Bolt Powerhead Design improves durability, offering a Maintenance-Free Valve TrainSmartCraft® Instrumentation provides everything from fuel management data to boat speed and key engine functions.

Advanced Mid-Section (AMS) (225300hp)

Verado’s progressive rate mounts surround the powerhead, resulting in reduced noise, while eliminating vibration and improving performance.

Mercury’s Factory-Backed Peace of Mind!

Every Mercury outboard comes with a thee-year limited, factory-backed non-declining warranty and the industry’s only three-year limited corrosion failure warranty.




Purchasing your new Premier boat from the authorized dealer closest to where you live or boat is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Premier Marine Inc. The advantages in terms of customer service and warranty usually exceed any savings in price.


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