Exclusive NANO Block Technology™ Vinyl

Premier is the only pontoon manufacturer to offer soft and durable NANO Block Technology™ (NBT) vinyl.

The NBT vinyl uses nanotechnology—the science of manipulating materials at the atomic and molecular level— to produce the finest stain-resistant vinyl in the industry.

NBT has a NANO UV inhibitor that protects vinyl upholstery from mildew and other microbials up to three times longer than industry-standard finishes while maintaining and preserving the color longer than ever before.

It also forms a protective barrier against abrasions, grease, grime, suntan oils, and even gasoline. Even the toughest stains like ballpoint pen, permanent marker, mustard and ketchup are no match for NANO Block—just use the NBT Clean™ wipes and watch stains disappear.

This technology represents the next generation of durable protective coatings for marine vinyls.